Baby Be Brave (Original Soundtrack) Released!


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Album Merch:

Limited Edition Original Soundtrack Baby Be Brave Cassette Tape
Includes unlimited streaming of the album free on Bandcamp.

Track List:

  1. Baby Be Brave
  2. HallWay
  3. Read This
  4. Triggers
  5. Backpack
  6. I Wasn’t Brave
  7. Baby Be Brave – Instrumental
  8. Travel – Be Brave Mix
  9. Triggers – Mutant Mashup Remix
  10. Travel – Epic Mix
  11. Need to Feed

Triggers Reviews

EDM Reviewer
YabYum Music & Arts
“I enjoyed “Triggers”. There are some cool production parts that I love.” “Like the horror soundtrack feel” “Intriguing song, I liked the energetic bassline and the rock influence” “There are some interesting permutations in the soundscape”


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